Were just

Author: admin Date: Втр, 23 Апр 2013 09:43:40 +0000

Were just Never before have we seen such diseases in children and all this because of too many empty calories in the diet.

As soon as children consume these nutrientpoor calories, they accumulate over time and can have a dramatic impact.

Were just starting to see this problem on the horizon.

Historically, that underdeveloped countries tye not faced with the problems associated with excess calories.

As a rule, these countries have experienced other related supply tion problems like hunger and nedosdan not.

Ego, of course, was the lack of training slovleno resources.

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He recommends

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He recommends Therefore it is recommended to include in the diet as traditional dishes pickled cabbage, beets, cucumbers and develop recipes skvashivaya tion for other products primarily edible herbs, and add a natural food, it is better Domash cooking vinegar.

Important excretion of excess amounts ofsalts.

For this swamp Gaeta proposes to use saltsoluble plant juices: parsley root, celery, horseradish leaves mother and ma Czechs, marsh cinquefoil, turnips.

He recommends th tovit various herbal teas for cleaning internal internal organs and supply the body with necessary microelements.

In addition, the diet in large an amount to be present cabbage, carrot, beet la, rutabaga.

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Cheese, for example, need

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Cheese, for example, need Energy value of up to 1500 calories a day.

50% protein, 25% carbohydrate, 25% fat.

Perehrd lowfat and low fat dairy products.

This is a simple way to save calories without altering the taste.

Cheese, for example, need not choose 4050% fat, and 30% strength, milk 0.

5% bonus.

Only lowfat cottage cheese instead of home.

Yogurt Diet, low fat, with sugar substitutes.

No biscuits! Because white bread and buns are very easily absorbed by the body glucose directly into the blood, but still gives a great strain on the pancreas and very shortterm feeling of satiety.

Therefore it is better to move on rye polnozerny bread with high fiber content.

He is well saturates contains many B vitamins necessary for good muscle and peripheral nervous system.

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Walnut burgers, shakes, soy milk, soy sauce, beans, Cheche

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Walnut burgers, shakes, soy milk, soy sauce, beans, Cheche Wednesday.

Easy Egg omelet or scrambled eggs with green salad.


Cottage cheese with sour cream and honey.

It goes well with a green salad.


Exclusively vegetable proteins.

Walnut burgers, shakes, soy milk, soy sauce, beans, Cheche vitsy or beans.

Saturday and Sunday.

Do not use any protein.

Give the body rid itself during this time of their surpluses.

Recipe nut cutlets: We will approach all sorts of nuts, except peanuts, almonds grain, sesame, sunflower, flax and a little poppy.

All of this is dried in a pan and ground to cofemolke.

Likewise preparing flour from buckwheat.

Add a little water and make small patties.

Now very first pan ryachey fry them until light brown on both sides and serve.

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But it was all in vain: I do not managed

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But it was all in vain: I do not managed After landing in Chicago, I weighed less than 100 pounds at five feet tall.

Now I plump up to 125 pounds and does not get into his old clothes they had brought from Tokyo, especially in tight jeans.

I tried to lose weight, running across the field behind the hostel.

But it was all in vain: I do not managed to lose an ounce.

Then winter came, and the Chicago neighborhood were six months buried under the snow.

All winter I almost did not go out and moved very little.

I was invited to visit a local American family there and all were treated yummy.

Yet common portion size and the amount of bread, meat and potatoes always amazes me.

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9 Energy

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9 Energy Hail mushrooms lowcalorie food! However, they are heavy for digestion, but quickly and permanently saturated.

Mushrooms can be cooked in a small amount of vegetable oil or stew, but do not use as a sauce rich in fat, flour, and empty calories.

9 Energy Diet This kind of diet is especially useful for those women who during the day experiencing constant mood swings, easily fatigued, and in the evening hardly stepping from fatigue.

So, lots of fish best salmon or cheaper mackerel, any pasta with olive oil or tomato sauce, rice, bread with potatoes in their jackets, nuts and seeds.

Down with refined foods and sugar! Calming Diet It would be ridiculous to describe situations of everyday life that make us nervous they are everywhere, but the diet gives us a chance to change the situation, if not, then certainly their attitude to it.

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