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Not worth experiencing nevidovye products: sausages, smoked sion, sugar, refined white flour, salt, starch mix fishing, sugar, salt, fat, etc.we talked a lot about it.[Wellchosen menu of allowed] ! products and will be the basis of your 1 healing, because it completely eliminates hit 1 I I Organism provoking elements.I I This method of selection power with the donor, Precision pulled out of a devastating [ 1 states are very many patients.1 I I Many will question in this simple method 1 I I I get rid of healing and I , The most severe illnesses., Like, we have such illness, and in such an amount 1 power here that one can not handle.1 One no, but with energy, with faith in the Creator yes.

Lunch a plate

Lunch chicken breast, steamed vegetables or a cup of beans, beef.Dinner salad greens with 1h.spoon of vegetable oil, 2 pieces of fish.3rd day Breakfast a cup of oatmeal with raisins, whole wheat bread.Lunch a plate of brown rice or regular, half a chicken breast salad.Dinner portion of pasta from durum flour with nonfat dressing.4 Day Breakfast a cup of oatmeal with raisins, lowfat cottage cheese.Lunch a portion of rice, chicken breast, vegetable salad.Dinner 3 slices of wholemeal bread, vegetable salad with fish.FINNISH 1421 day evaluation of the costs 2 Difficulty 2 points Function: weight reduction.


Now early in the morning, and were going to her favorite place, which simultaneously is a landmark in Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market a fantastic combination of money, blood and charming chaos.It offers the best fish in the world.It was on a huge market Tsukiji exhibited elite ocean inhabitants who weighed, cut, due to being traded and arrange auctions.Everyday staggering number of fish, living and dead, falls into this maze warehouses and weights, and from there sent to the shops, restaurants and on the inhabitants of the country plates, which ranks first in the world for the consumption of fish.My mom and I get there on the central streets of the capital, and the bridge Nionbasi Japanese Bridge, where were going now, in ancient times served as a starting point trade routes in Kyoto and Osaka.

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and they sewed fig leaves together and made themselves aprons Genesis 3: In the other biblical parable that Israel owes gratitude to God for what He brought them into the land where grow wheat and barley, grape vines, fig trees and pomegranates.In the Book of Judges 9:7 21 also emphasizes the particular importance figs figs.In a kind of fairy tale describes how to select trees wished the king from their ranks.Thanks sweets fruit fig tree was one of the few candidates for the honorary post.

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Now the consumer is aware n recent demand for Argen Latin beef increased so that the country has restricted the export of this essential commodity.On the situation with natural products is gradually changing for the better, because that consumers willing to pay for these products increased price, and food companies are responding to the desire con sumers.If people are willing to pay more for the meat of cows that are fed grass, then bet the farm that the whole world will translate more of their cows on a diet.Find a balance in the Omega Omega ^ and a hook.products that have traditionally contained many useful tion of fats, changed its composition due to human intervention, which disrupted the delicate balance created by nature.

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I h __ SECOND STAGE cleanse the liver and gall bladder The second step requires you to limit attention, since ku we proceed to the general cleansing of the liver.Your organ ism is well prepared, it is selfregulatory mechanisms are selfcleaning and running through postPayuschie energyinformation Im sure youve already accepted the idea of the Creator!.General method of cleaning the liver, we accompanied Dim special exercises, and the output of cleaning us legchat herbal Bile fees.But the key to imagine our goal returning to the perfect body, to health and youth.Emotional mood at the beginning of the second stage of cleaning The basis of our second cleaning general cleaning method of the liver.A little more patience, and Ill talk about it sa mym detail.


Together with genetic factors and lifestyle they determine the state of health of each individual and all mankind properties in general.Not surprisingly, with the development of medicine to the general amount of sick people in the world do not seem to reduce Xia.Changing the structure of diseases.Science succeeded in defeating the disease kills millions of people in the past many Gia bacterial and viral infections.But now a man kills himself.The development of civilization changed lo lifestyle and it is on the disease lifestyle at hoditsya most modern diseases.

Lunch 200 g potatoes

Sample menu for one day: Breakfast should alternate options offered: 1 slice of bread with spread with margarine, banana, apple, some grapes; 2 softboiled egg or pouch with a slice of bread fromrubyami, cup of yogurt; 3 two slices of bread made from wheat flour, Scheu small banana, 1 teaspoon of honey; 4 two dry scones, a glass of milk or unsweetened orange juice, apple.Lunch 200 g potatoes boiled in their jackets and eat it with one of the following additives: a small portion of cole slaw; 100 g of cottage cheese; 50 grams of lean chopped ham or smoke particles ; 2 tbsp.spoons of cooked beans.

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Snack cheese, fresh

2nd breakfast cheese, broth hips.Lunch vegetable soup with pasta, baked fish, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with vegetable oil, fruit juice.Snack cheese, fresh apple, broth hips.Dinner salad of grated zucchini cooked with lowfat sour cream, meatballs with potatoes, milk tea.At night yogurt 1 cup.Number 7 Indications for use: acute and chronic glomrulonefrit without severe renal impairment.Diet helps to improve urine flow, region gives an antiallergic effect, improves metabolic processes in the tissues of the kidneys.Duration: until recovery.Features diet: the exclusion of salt only the amount that is contained in the products themselves s.


In case of difficulty, and I doubt, as always, I advise you to sit down and think, listen to yourself.CLEANSING THYROID Hyperfunction This is the second area of purification, and to atstep process, you need to clearly know that your souptovidnaya iron deviates precisely this hyperside.Part of the funds can be used as a prevention, but it must be remembered that iodine protivopokazan hyperthyroidism so far as it is necessary in hypothyroidism.Experiment can not be here! Ill give you all the necessary advice on nutrition, NIJ, the following sequence of actions and as always all , learn how to use the forces of Nature to cleanse the organ ism.


1 I For I guarantee, well, otherwise I rely 1 on your faith and the desire to gain I truly human appearance.I W II purification stage.CLEANSING connective tissue at the cellular level This book will allow you to clean the base of life from the connective tissue.While cleaning 13I 8 days.Foundations tion method monodiet.Only after this purification cells acquire the ability to speak out loud about their needs and opportunities, and we rediscover the ability ponymat them a clear response to the proposed water and food.So rested 12 months after I purification stage can proceed to stage II.Note that the rest does not mean violation of the laws of man solution meal types on the contrary, during this time you have to get used to this diet and active lifestyle Nome.


A Professor Marion Nestle of New York University, believes that the Asian diet satisfies all the criteria which must be followed for dealing with chronic diseases.Infinitely varied and tasty, it is just a dream nutritionist.However, we must admit that a few centuries ago some have strayed from the Japanese their traditional gastronomic habits, opting exclusively white rice.Brown rice for some reason out of use in Japan, and white became mandatory dish on the table and remains so to this day.Meanwhile, experts say that brown rice is more useful for health.The situation may change, because all Japanese women more conscious about their health, are beginning to experiment and switch on brown rice.

Chefs around

I prefer pasta brand Miso Master, which is manufactured by American miso campaign, as well as Uestbre.Chefs around the world have discovered the wonderful qualities and are now adding miso soybean paste to give flavors his dishes not only made by Asian recipes.Miso should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.Eggplant, fried in miso Makes 4 servings Japanese eggplants come in all sizes and shapes.And yet they are much less than their Western counterparts, reaching the size of a football.They also are more sweet and firm flesh.

Above all, its great

before eating.Ground powder from the seeds of Plantago major.Take 4 g 23 times a day.Tincture of Sophora fruit 1:10 1h drink.liter.3 times a day for 30 minutes.before eating.This recipe is particularly suitable for those who suffer from kidney disease.Hypericum powder seeds take 3 g 3 times a day for 30 minutes.before eating.Above all, its great anthelmintic.Alcoholate of the partitions of a walnut.

Take care

Eat only while sitting.Take care of fluids day by needs it is 2 liters or 8 stacks new.Better to drink water or green tea for 15 mi chickpeas to the food: the liquid fills the stomach and sy ness comes much faster.10 minutes before lunch eat an apple, pear, orange or any other fruit goy and only then proceed to the main course.Recommended products: Based on my own experience and the literature on nutrition author offers for pi Tania workplace 4 groups most convenient pro products: crispbread, rye, bran or whole grain bread rice fruit apples, pears, bananas and vegetables cucumbers, tomatoes, boiled beets, carrots, cabbage, as well as nuts and dried fruits Boiled or baked meat and fish lean litter Comrade Lowfat yogurt, yogurt, fermented baked milk Sample menu for one day: Lunch and afternoon tea optional: Glass of lowfat yogurt, two small loaves of bread, any fruit.

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Also cut into julienne language, fresh and marinovannye cucumbers.Mix in a bowl language, car Tophel, cucumbers and celery.Salt and pepper to taste.Put in a salad bowl.Sprinkle with grated cheese on a coarse grater and young radish sprouts.In one portion 6 at.is Young radish sprouts fairly sharp taste.They can be replaced by green leaves young beet tops go green onions ethyl.Pumpkin sopat with chicory 4 servings: 2 sweet and sour apple, 2 tbsp.lemon juice, 500 g pumpkin, 2 small kochanchiki salad chicory, 2 stalks of celery petioles, 100 g sour cream, 1 teaspoon sugar, salt, ground black pepper, bundle chives.

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Sometimes they eat four bowls of rice a day breakfast, lunch and dinner and even as a snack.In Japan often replaces rice bread, donuts or even less healthy foods that are typical Western diets.As Japanese women every day preparing a wonderful crisp rice for themselves and their loved ones Like my mom, they use a wonderful invention called electric rice cooker.Several years ago, one of my American friend was curious, as I Can every day to cook a delicious rice.Its very simple I explained to her.I use the electric rice cooker.It works like a coffee maker.

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Never before have we seen such diseases in children and all this because of too many empty calories in the diet.As soon as children consume these nutrientpoor calories, they accumulate over time and can have a dramatic impact.Were just starting to see this problem on the horizon.Historically, that underdeveloped countries tye not faced with the problems associated with excess calories.As a rule, these countries have experienced other related supply tion problems like hunger and nedosdan not.Ego, of course, was the lack of training slovleno resources.

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Therefore it is recommended to include in the diet as traditional dishes pickled cabbage, beets, cucumbers and develop recipes skvashivaya tion for other products primarily edible herbs, and add a natural food, it is better Domash cooking vinegar.Important excretion of excess amounts ofsalts.For this swamp Gaeta proposes to use saltsoluble plant juices: parsley root, celery, horseradish leaves mother and ma Czechs, marsh cinquefoil, turnips.He recommends th tovit various herbal teas for cleaning internal internal organs and supply the body with necessary microelements.In addition, the diet in large an amount to be present cabbage, carrot, beet la, rutabaga.

Cheese, for example, need

Energy value of up to 1500 calories a day.50% protein, 25% carbohydrate, 25% fat.Perehrd lowfat and low fat dairy products.This is a simple way to save calories without altering the taste.Cheese, for example, need not choose 4050% fat, and 30% strength, milk 0.5% bonus.Only lowfat cottage cheese instead of home.Yogurt Diet, low fat, with sugar substitutes.No biscuits! Because white bread and buns are very easily absorbed by the body glucose directly into the blood, but still gives a great strain on the pancreas and very shortterm feeling of satiety.Therefore it is better to move on rye polnozerny bread with high fiber content.He is well saturates contains many B vitamins necessary for good muscle and peripheral nervous system.

Walnut burgers, shakes, soy milk, soy sauce, beans, Cheche

Wednesday.Easy Egg omelet or scrambled eggs with green salad.Thursday.Cottage cheese with sour cream and honey.It goes well with a green salad.Friday.Exclusively vegetable proteins.Walnut burgers, shakes, soy milk, soy sauce, beans, Cheche vitsy or beans.Saturday and Sunday.Do not use any protein.Give the body rid itself during this time of their surpluses.Recipe nut cutlets: We will approach all sorts of nuts, except peanuts, almonds grain, sesame, sunflower, flax and a little poppy.All of this is dried in a pan and ground to cofemolke.Likewise preparing flour from buckwheat.Add a little water and make small patties.Now very first pan ryachey fry them until light brown on both sides and serve.

But it was all in vain: I do not managed

After landing in Chicago, I weighed less than 100 pounds at five feet tall.Now I plump up to 125 pounds and does not get into his old clothes they had brought from Tokyo, especially in tight jeans.I tried to lose weight, running across the field behind the hostel.But it was all in vain: I do not managed to lose an ounce.Then winter came, and the Chicago neighborhood were six months buried under the snow.All winter I almost did not go out and moved very little.I was invited to visit a local American family there and all were treated yummy.Yet common portion size and the amount of bread, meat and potatoes always amazes me.

9 Energy

Hail mushrooms lowcalorie food! However, they are heavy for digestion, but quickly and permanently saturated.Mushrooms can be cooked in a small amount of vegetable oil or stew, but do not use as a sauce rich in fat, flour, and empty calories.9 Energy Diet This kind of diet is especially useful for those women who during the day experiencing constant mood swings, easily fatigued, and in the evening hardly stepping from fatigue.So, lots of fish best salmon or cheaper mackerel, any pasta with olive oil or tomato sauce, rice, bread with potatoes in their jackets, nuts and seeds.Down with refined foods and sugar! Calming Diet It would be ridiculous to describe situations of everyday life that make us nervous they are everywhere, but the diet gives us a chance to change the situation, if not, then certainly their attitude to it.


Removes unused food and water, the cell itself gets rid of all the waste.Thats where renewed cells are clearly starting to feel the lack of vital optionally sary elements of a healthy diet.You receive distress signals in the form of a breakdown and bad mood.Disturbed sleep, there is irritability.This is a legitimate response organizations ism, he awoke from a long slumber and does not understand why he had not fed and watered is not present in human food and water.This time you will remember more than once, because with it is starting a new life.Now the body can talk to you, and you can understand it.I congratulate you on your second birthday! But there is still a lot of work here begins the stage of selfselection of drinks and foods in accordance with the genetic exactly your body needs.

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In the morning boil for no more than 5 minutes.The taste you can add honey, vegetable oil and soaked dried fruit.Legumes.I recommend a little sweet peas, beans and soybeans.As it is quite heavy food, it is better to use and meat or from 00 to 00 in the morning, or from 00 to 00 Chamber ra phase in the daily activity of the stomach.Greens.It is always useful eat safely sorrel Petrushev ku, spinach, dill, cucumbers at any time of the day.Also, you will benefit any nuts except peanuts.Fruits.Lemon, orange, apple, grape, cherry, wing zhovnik, currants, cranberries, strawberries, cranberries and rosehips perfectly cope with the creation of an acidic environment in the body.

Views on cleansing

This suggests that the time has come to mankind volume dinitsya around the idea of a true purification, direction but not only on the physical component of life, but primarily on the spiritual, the energy component.Views on cleansing my system and share the most advanced medical Cleansing, the most important component of this struggle to the health, surely among the arsenal of official medicine HN.There are very few and all of medicine will come to you in the same waters to which I have already come.While doctors are willing to admit that I was right only in one on one conversation, but its already done.Especially since many of them have been in my individual course of treatment.

When cooked

It affects the state of cell membranes, tissue respiration tion, the formation of protein compounds function endo Crean glands.Vitamin A is ingested in the form of actual Vitamin A retinoids and betacarotene and other carotenoids that are converted in the liver into vitamin A.Vitamin A is found only in animal products minute, betacarotene mainly of vegetable products as well as in milk.When cooked food processing formation is lost up to 40% of vitamin A.Cooking and heat Nye with the lid closed without oxygen method exists conservation of vitamin A.The absorption of carotene per depends on the method of cooking.Grinding products, their boiling, mashing with added fat absorption increases carotene.

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And how could it be otherwise Hangover, household injuries in the midst of fun, digestive problems caused by overeating.And some interseasonal depression.Depression in the offseason, when the weather is in flux is a disorder caused by under STATCOM sunlight.They are in varying degrees, affects about 10% of the population.Treated light better sunny somewhere in Hurghada, but can and electric, under the supervision of doctors.But what about those who, instead of obliging and kind Arab Aybolita waiting depressive superiors and subordinates inhibited Ironically, in this case should be guided by denouncing modern medicine: treat like with like.It is necessary to arrange another holiday in the workplace.For example, for therapeutic purposes to note some holiday: April 1, buying a washing machine, a successful childexams com.

Without going

, _ W Hormones control the flow of energy and our lives I want you in the very beginning of the book have recognized the importance of hormones to our body.Without going into the details of medical, I can say that hormones determine our life and the very form of our existence.Thats who, for example, are you Each of us will answer one of the two man or woman.And this is our fate, certain hormones.In order to be a full man or a fullfledged wives schinoy necessary that energy coming into the body, are distributed according to your gender balance.

In theological

Did you know that the Bible contains specific recommendations for the preparation of corn bread For example, in the Book of Ezekiel Ezekiel 4:1 Two and a half millennia ago Ezekiel wrote a recipe that at the beginning of the XXI century after Christ is not less important than once in ancient prophetic times.In theological circles there is no unanimity on the prescribed Ezekiel God immobility.For what sins had to suffer this man Maybe Gods penalty tied to the past, when Israel and Judah showed disobedience against God Yahweh Or a painful condition of Ezekiel a kind of symbol 430 days of future suffering of its people Is Ezekiel had their own experience to feel what happens to him in the Babylonian captivity of families And so he spent 390 days on the left, followed by 40 days on the right side There is still no agreement on how to interpret this number 430 symbolically or prophetically.

Oil is sold

And do not drink it in buckets! And remember that some people are contraindicated in milk throughout life! But there are other useful tips.Dairy tips About Oil Oil stores it is 80% protein filler, i.e.the same cream as in cakes.This filler provokes the development of tumors, so that the store oil is better to forget.Oil is sold on the market of higher quality, though, because at home it does not put all the poisons that enter into it industrially.Sour cream You can use the cream 23 times a week for 50 My advice use your home, market cream.Cottage cheese recipe 5 liters of domestic milk, 1 liter of kefir or yogurt, 300 g mixture thanes, 1 tbsp.


Vitamin B} thiamine Vitamin B, also known as thiamine.Deficiency of this species Tamina causes the disease known as beriberi, which is characterized by depression, worsening of new memory, difficulties in motor function, for example, walking, tumors in peripheral tissues, fatigue.Among the good sources of vitamin B, oranges, beans, red meat, pork.Vitamin B2 riboflavin Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, and aids in the regeneration of tissue growth, including hair, skin and nails.

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Oncology mainly breast and genital organs bulk, liquid, solid, more lefthanded.N 1 If you are after all the characteristics of the study 1, teak tend to think that they belong, 1 STI in this group, the note immediately 1 I but so far only consider that the production of relevant You androgens increase food and herbs! I give an acid reaction.I In addition, you generally need to intensify] Vat right side of the body.I But it is in front.Now, even if you are! Confident in its conclusions, I refer [To the diagnosis of excess testosterone or Androgen its either give you confidence in I correct their impressions, 1 or sow doubt necessary.1 I I h ___ EXCESS TESTOSTERONE.

However, if you find

Thus, excess estrogen gives us weakness, lethargy, dryness and bitterness in the mouth, dizziness, depression, melancholy, mod ku, fear, fright unreasonable eg, sound ka slamming doors, alarm.These signs should collab schatsya with sweating, coldness in the extremities, sal chemical growth of hair and nails, shortness of breath, insomnia, frequent surge in the liver.Let me remind you once again to avoid any misunderstanding: I [Not necessarily all of these symptoms should 1 present in your life.However, if you find more than five coincidence, then, most likely, that your type.But do not rush! Ahead you will find more [ symptomatic table that will allow You clarify conclusions.! Symptomatic table to determine the excess estrogen I advise all readers arm with a pencil and paper to write down those symptoms that seem your.

Broth in the refrigerator

Pour bonito flakes and add heat to high.When the broth starts again boil, remove from heat and let stand for 2 minutes with the flakes.Then Strain the broth through a fine sieve.Do not click on the flakes, otherwise the broth becomes cloudy and bitter.Bonito flakes can now be used for the second option dashi.Broth in the refrigerator no more than 2 days he quickly deteriorates.The second option dashi Makes 4 cups Put used kombu and bonito flakes from the first broth in a saucepan medium size.

Then Hoshii

Hoshii it is rice, which is first boiled, and then dried and taken to the road.Then Hoshii had hot water and pour please heres a fast food.Rice an essential component of life and constant companion, it appears on the desktop almost every day from childhood to old age.Japanese rice grains cooked ritual and festive meals, daily food, make butter, vinegar, sake and rice straw is used to produce the mat, paper, hats, ropes, but before that of her braided sandals and capes.However, the main function of rice to be the basis of home cooking.Rice put everyone in separate bowl and serve just like that, without sauces and oils.

Soba noodles

Since buckwheat noodles little gluten wheat flour this part gives a pleasant taste, most manufacturers add a little starch in the dough.Some manufacturers events put too much starch in the form of white or wheat potato flour mainly in order to reduce costs, because Buckwheat flour is more expensive than other varieties.The result is poor noodles quality, which lacks an earthy taste.If possible look for noodles with a high percentage of buckwheat flour.Soba noodles without additives almost misses the sale.It can be found except by Internet and among connoisseurs of such kind of events is considered the best.

After removing

After removing from heat, sprinkle with herbs, season mixture Tana or sunflower oil.Buckwheat In the evening soak unground morning in the same water ki pyatit 34 minutes, removing from the heat, season with butter and herbs.APPLICATIONS Caloric food for 100 g of product in kilocalories Vegetables Eggplant 24 Rutabaga 37 27 zucchini Cabbage 28 Broccoli 23 Cabbage bryussels 24 Cabbage krasnokoch 31 Cauliflower .29 Potatoes mature 83 Young potatoes 36 Kohlrabi 25 Corn 90 Green onion pen 22 Leeks 40 Onions 43 Carrot red .33 Cucumbers ground 15 Greenhouse cucumbers .

It is discussed

A few useful tips 248 FIVE most pressing issues author of this book As is known, the most discussed topic in any count collectives, where the number of women is more than one is edgeSivaya figure.And the most popular diet of the season Kremlin.It is discussed and the newspapers and magazines, discussing her bombshells on fashionable hangouts, advanced devush matches and housewives with children on walks.The earth is full of rumors and familiarize individual articles as the book market is not there a book Vishnevsky.Anna, having to check for yourself the effectiveness of Kremlin hospital which is how this diet is called the circle of professional dietologov, today is the most famous advocate of this method of weight loss.

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But it is the time for us to maintain vitality, more than ever, needed vitamins and other nutrients.Therefore, doctors suggest a special diet containing substances that hard eaten stress hormones.FIGURE 30% our mental attitude depends on what we eat.Tasty diet can help relieve stress, look more attractive and improve your sex life.It mostly applies to men.When the cute in anguish, it is necessary to feed especially tasty.In response to a massive stimulation of taste receptors should always be a powerful release of endorphins into the blood hormones of joy.What to do if you become too much Surround yourself with likeminded people.


Petersburg Oil and Fat Plant 6 Mayonnaise Provence My family 5 Mayonnaise French classic, Calve 2,7 Mayonnaise, Colibri 5,9 Mayonnaise, My family of 4 Pasta bows», Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta nests, Ramstore 5 Pasta feathers smooth, Maltagliati 71 Pasta feathers smooth, Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta «feathers», Granmulino 71,5 Pasta springs», Maltagliati 71 Pasta shells large, Maltagliati 71 Pasta shells colored, Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta horns large, Maltagliati 71 Pasta «horns», Gallina Blanca 71,5 Pasta horns Aviola 5 Pasta spaghetti », Granmulino 71,5 Pasta spiral colored, Maltagliati 71 Pasta spiral», Gallina Blanca 71,5 Pasta spiral», Granmulino 71,5 Pasta spiral», Maltagliati 71 Pasta spiral», Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta tube small, Pasta ZARA 75 Product y, ie Pasta snail», Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta Headset», Gallina Blanca 71,5 Pasta Dacha 1st Petersburg macaroni factory 7 Pasta Noble durum wheat, 1st Petersburg macaroni factory 5 Pasta Noble 1 yaPeterburgskaya macaroni factory 7 Pasta tangles», Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta McFee 1st Petersburg macaroni factory 5 Pasta Relish, 1st Petersburg macaroni factory 5 Pasta Schebekinsky 1st Petersburg macaroni factory 5 Pasta, Pasta Villa 76,9 Pasta 77 Pasta 8 minutes, Rams 5 Torr Atlantic mackerel 0 Pacific mackerel in their own juice, San Jose 0.

Sake adds

Western cooking salads, I still I fill them with rice vinegar, because it is not as acidic as white or red.If you ever eat sushi, then you are familiar with the taste of rice vinegar, because the sauce for sushi is obtained from a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar and salt.Rice wine sake Sake is produced from fermented rice grains.It is not only pleasant alcoholic drink, but also a necessary addition to many Japanese dishes.Sake adds depth stews, sauces and condiments, a little muting smells of fish and meat.On my mothers kitchen small amount of sake a component of many recipes, designed to balance the sweet and savory flavors.

The volume

The volume of fluid intake remains high.Recommended foods and dishes during exacerbations of : lean meat, chicken, beef and chicken broth lean fish Milk and milk products vegetables cabbage, carrots, potatoes, greens, onions, Sanchez knock fresh fruit apples, pears, citrus fruits, wine hail, watermelon, dried fruit raisins, apricots fruit, berry and vegetable juices, fruit drinks cereals and pasta tea, broth hips honey, jam Sample menu for one day during the acute phase pneumatic mony: 1st Breakfast semolina milk 150200 g, milk 1 cup.2nd breakfast fruit jelly from any of recommended fruit 200 ml, decoction of dried and fresh raspberries with 1 teaspoon of honey 1 cup.Lunch soup barley in meat broth 200 ml, cartofelnoe puree 70 g with a piece of fried fish 100 110 g, oil 5 g, watermelon 250 g.

Credit branches

..G.GL Salad of avocado and mango az 4 servings: 200 g cooked chicken, shrimp 200 g g of head ki Thai cabbage, 1 avocado, 1 mango, 1 orange; Refills: 2 cup cream, 10% fat, 2 stacks on orange juice 2 cloves garlic, 4 sprigs of dill.Preparation Chicken fillet cut into small pieces.Credit branches boil and clean.Avocado cut Popo llamas, remove the seeds, remove the flesh, cut Kimi tone plates and drizzle with lemon juice.Wash mango, cut the flesh around the bones and finely bunk to show.Orange peel, seed and knock Plait, flesh cut.Chop dill and garlic, mixed with cream and orange juice.Shred cabbage, mix with half filling and put in 4 bowls.Tuck top layers prepared ingredients you.

Pour drain

Cut the onion into slices.Brown the meat in oil.The Add to onion, tomato paste and extinguish.Dilute the broth, season with spices and simmer for 50 minutes.Carrots and leeks peel and chop.15 minutes before the end of roasting add to roll.Pour drain ki slightly Uvarov, add green pepper.Roll served with vegetables.In one portion at is Grilled chicken breast with mushrooms, rice and vegetables 4 servings: 2 bags of longgrain rice, salt, 2 chicken breasts, 2 tbsp.tablespoons vegetable oil, pepper, mushrooms 20, 4 stalks of green onions, 100 ml of milk and chicken broth, 2 tbsp.sour cream, 2 tbsp.grated Parmesan cheese.Preparation Boil the rice.Chicken breasts cut in half and fry in half the oil.

So little

Health disorders can arise from an excess of yin or yang in food.So little to be able to choose products without the necessary to create balance of Yin and Yang, we must also comply with certain rules.Basic rules of macrobiotic food Most of the daily diet 5060% and bo Leia should consist of whole grains, cereals and products Comrade of them in the form of different dishes and products.Valid times various methods of thermal cooking grains and grain products.Up to 2030% of the diet may be vegetables, torye to match the current season of the year and grown in the area.

Tokyo kitchen

You will learn the basics of Japanese supply.In the chapter How to start a Tokyo Kitchen Ill tell you about the basic ingredients of which consist of traditional Japanese dishes.If you find a recipe some unfamiliar ingredient, the information about it you will find below the text.Im sure anyone on the shoulder to cook Japanese food I have no doubt, that you will succeed in this.Szhivshis with Japanese cuisine, you will feel fantastic.In this I absolutely sure.Tokyo kitchen my mom People are going, full of joy; Food and drink in abundance.With each generation, every day Getting better, And after years myriads Joy will never end.Ancient Japanese prayer My mom Tidzuko constantly sends me emails from Tokyo.

Women in the body

In particular, when I recommend a significant amount of resistance exercise, the immediate reaction fear too build big muscles and transform your hands be in men.The first thing I tell them is very difficult for women to build muscle because of their hormonal structure.Women in the body circulates less testosterone than men, so they are initially at a disadvantage.But even with the advantage by virtue of its structure, men pse power to bend buy millions of dollars of food supplements to build and maintain more muscle mass.Therefore, women have nothing to fear! Women should perform resistance exercise throughout the week to load the muscles.


The results of these studies is the emergence of a large amount wa theories about nutrition and food systems, sometimes based on the opposite principle.Official Nutrition nutritional science pain tion and healthy person is based on the biochemical data mission, physiology, hygiene, nutrition, microbiology and epidemiology, and many other branches of medicine related to nutrition.It is within this science developed various recommendations on nutrition, therapeutic diets used in hospitals for the treatment of diseases and nutritional standards of healthy people who are taken as the basis for calculations max rations in various institutions.

Season with

Thoroughly grease a baking dish, you lay down, in her vegetables.Season with salt, ground black pepper and ethyl herbs.Sprinkle with grated cheese and bake in the oven for about 12 minutes, until the cheese melts.At the request of the green leaves to decorate.In one portion at is Stuffed cucumbers 4 servings: G stale buns, 2 cucumber, 1 onion, 250 g beef sha headlights, 2 tsp mustard, 1 egg, 2 tbsp.tablespoons vegetable w la, 1 clove garlic, 1 carrot, 125 ml of broth, 300 g yogurt, g beam mint.Preparation Cucumbers peeled, cut in half, remove the heartguilt.Diced onions, knead with minced, milledchennoy bun, mustard, egg, season with spetions, from this mass of cucumbers.


Ksli hundred people decided to be a vegetarian, from a philosophical point of view, its fine.Remember, however, that.that thousands of people went to eat both animals and plants.This is supported by our anatomy n physiology.Soybean has different shapes, such as tofu and etam.Many companies produce soy burgers or sausages which are soy meat substitutes are low in fat and high caloric content of protein n.Soybean a simple way to enter into the diet of protein, lower cholesterol levels and protect cells.

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We begin with this line of defense, because it is the gastrointestinal tract of the first outputs ism organic toxins and poisons, taking the brunt of them.Cleansing the second line of defense the liver and gallbladder.Restoration of normal chemistry of this is the result of cleaning, because the liver a whole chemical laboratory.And since it is the second gets to be protected from dirt, then we purify its second.Cleansing the third line of defense the endocrine system us.Restoring the balance of sex hormones energy balance in the body nologies.

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Fresh raw eggs can be eaten, but their composition meets the needs sion of the embryo bird, not the person.Therefore, even with the limited use of eggs they can cause on violations metabolism and putrefaction in the gastro but tract.To preserve the health of the diet should prevail HN alkali, not acid.Alkaline at directivity supplies provide fruits, berries, vegetables soup, leaves and stems of plants.In cereal grains, legumes and seeds acids predominate, but less than the meat of animals and birds, fish eggs.Alkalis are in raw milk rum.In view of the high content of raw fruits, berries, vegetables and green leaves as alkali whose and solar energy, vitamins and of mineral salts, these products are ideal for pi Tania person.

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Cup frozen fruit yogurt, 2 tangerines, cupcake.Milk ice 150 g, half a grapefruit, a glass of orange juice, crackers, wholemeal.Fruit sorbet, lowfat yogurt with honey 100 g, with bran muffin.A mixture of frozen berries and fruit tion with the addition of natural yogurt 150 g, raisins 50 g.Milk ice 150 g, green apple, a glass of mineral water.Cocktail from icecream and fruit 150 g, black plums 50 g, a lowfat muffin.Cup of frozen yogurt, toast with a teaspoon of jam, 2 kiwis.Fruit sorbet, nectarine, two crisp bread sample with jam, apple juice 1 cup.

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It turns out that the body burns more calories, processing protein than the processing of sugar n fat.From the moment you put in your mouth kilo oo these calories to enrollment e quiet sugar into our cells for the energy needs of the FIR or storage, you can burn only 25 calories.And that means tons, from 100 kilocalories of sugar eaten you, you have swallowed about 9 Since fat is even worse: here we use the 12 kcal.I shomiim that fat effective energy storage ring Tel.To store fat lot of energy do not need to ne cheg say about pro combustion process.

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This cleansing we just talked about, and do not need endowed yus, remind you how important energy balance, hormone balance the acidalkaline balance in the body.Any disease a shift in deviant yin or yangside, then eliminate cornfields this shift, we are destroying the true cause of disease.This completes the first stage of purification.Organism is adapted to the reception and distribution of energy information.Detoxification system works well.Vido BoE nutrition supports cleanliness and energy balance intra ri us.But it remains a crude cellular level.but unconditional and cells becomes easier to breathe after all the purges carried out tion, but they require a separate serious cleansing.


Besides reducing ve sa it involves normalization of metabolism.Heads tion part of the diet fruit and vegetable salads.According to its qualitative composition of the diet is not enough completely absent complex carbohydrates and proteins.To use a diet with greater care after consulting your doctor.Forbidden foods: meat and fish any bread and other flour products cereals and pasta Potatoes and any other sugar sweets Recommended products: fresh vegetables except potatoes fruits and dried fruits Sample menu for one day: Breakfast orange, orange or lemon juice or grapefruit.


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