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Before eating. 50 g of the root

Before eating. 50 g of the root Wine Cahors horsetail and juice in a 1:1 ratio to drink 25 30 g 34 times a day for 30 minutes.

before eating.

50 g of the root bark of barberry in 1 liter of dry white wine insist 30 days.

After that, bring to a boil and cook for 30 minutes over low heat.

Drink 3 times a day for 50 d in 15 20 min.

before eating.

This means a good impact on the work of the liver.

Fry basil seeds.

Take the form of a powder 0.

5 tsp.

3 times a day for 1520 minutes.

before eating.

Dysentery and vomiting can eat just a few to sour apples.

Take a powder with honey mountaineer snake 1g.

Melted butter to make 1h.


3 times a day for 3040 minutes.

. . . . .

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They are in varying

They are in varying And how could it be otherwise Hangover, household injuries in the midst of fun, digestive problems caused by overeating.

And some interseasonal depression.

Depression in the offseason, when the weather is in flux is a disorder caused by under STATCOM sunlight.

They are in varying degrees, affects about 10% of the population.

Treated light better sunny somewhere in Hurghada, but can and electric, under the supervision of doctors.

But what about those who, instead of obliging and kind Arab Aybolita waiting depressive superiors and subordinates inhibited Ironically, in this case should be guided by denouncing modern medicine: treat like with like.

It is necessary to arrange another holiday in the workplace.

For example, for therapeutic purposes to note some holiday: April 1, buying a washing machine, a successful childexams com.

. . . . . .

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Without going

Without going , _ W Hormones control the flow of energy and our lives I want you in the very beginning of the book have recognized the importance of hormones to our body.

Without going into the details of medical, I can say that hormones determine our life and the very form of our existence.

Thats who, for example, are you Each of us will answer one of the two man or woman.

And this is our fate, certain hormones.

In order to be a full man or a fullfledged wives schinoy necessary that energy coming into the body, are distributed according to your gender balance.

. . . . . .

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