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It is discussed

It is discussed A few useful tips 248 FIVE most pressing issues author of this book As is known, the most discussed topic in any count collectives, where the number of women is more than one is edgeSivaya figure.

And the most popular diet of the season Kremlin.

It is discussed and the newspapers and magazines, discussing her bombshells on fashionable hangouts, advanced devush matches and housewives with children on walks.

The earth is full of rumors and familiarize individual articles as the book market is not there a book Vishnevsky.

Anna, having to check for yourself the effectiveness of Kremlin hospital which is how this diet is called the circle of professional dietologov, today is the most famous advocate of this method of weight loss.

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It mostly

It mostly But it is the time for us to maintain vitality, more than ever, needed vitamins and other nutrients.

Therefore, doctors suggest a special diet containing substances that hard eaten stress hormones.

FIGURE 30% our mental attitude depends on what we eat.

Tasty diet can help relieve stress, look more attractive and improve your sex life.

It mostly applies to men.

When the cute in anguish, it is necessary to feed especially tasty.

In response to a massive stimulation of taste receptors should always be a powerful release of endorphins into the blood hormones of joy.

What to do if you become too much Surround yourself with likeminded people.

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Petersburg Petersburg Oil and Fat Plant 6 Mayonnaise Provence My family 5 Mayonnaise French classic, Calve 2,7 Mayonnaise, Colibri 5,9 Mayonnaise, My family of 4 Pasta bows», Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta nests, Ramstore 5 Pasta feathers smooth, Maltagliati 71 Pasta feathers smooth, Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta «feathers», Granmulino 71,5 Pasta springs», Maltagliati 71 Pasta shells large, Maltagliati 71 Pasta shells colored, Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta horns large, Maltagliati 71 Pasta «horns», Gallina Blanca 71,5 Pasta horns Aviola 5 Pasta spaghetti », Granmulino 71,5 Pasta spiral colored, Maltagliati 71 Pasta spiral», Gallina Blanca 71,5 Pasta spiral», Granmulino 71,5 Pasta spiral», Maltagliati 71 Pasta spiral», Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta tube small, Pasta ZARA 75 Product y, ie Pasta snail», Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta Headset», Gallina Blanca 71,5 Pasta Dacha 1st Petersburg macaroni factory 7 Pasta Noble durum wheat, 1st Petersburg macaroni factory 5 Pasta Noble 1 yaPeterburgskaya macaroni factory 7 Pasta tangles», Pasta ZARA 75 Pasta McFee 1st Petersburg macaroni factory 5 Pasta Relish, 1st Petersburg macaroni factory 5 Pasta Schebekinsky 1st Petersburg macaroni factory 5 Pasta, Pasta Villa 76,9 Pasta 77 Pasta 8 minutes, Rams 5 Torr Atlantic mackerel 0 Pacific mackerel in their own juice, San Jose 0.

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Sake adds

Sake adds Western cooking salads, I still I fill them with rice vinegar, because it is not as acidic as white or red.

If you ever eat sushi, then you are familiar with the taste of rice vinegar, because the sauce for sushi is obtained from a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar and salt.

Rice wine sake Sake is produced from fermented rice grains.

It is not only pleasant alcoholic drink, but also a necessary addition to many Japanese dishes.

Sake adds depth stews, sauces and condiments, a little muting smells of fish and meat.

On my mothers kitchen small amount of sake a component of many recipes, designed to balance the sweet and savory flavors.

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The volume

The volume The volume of fluid intake remains high.

Recommended foods and dishes during exacerbations of : lean meat, chicken, beef and chicken broth lean fish Milk and milk products vegetables cabbage, carrots, potatoes, greens, onions, Sanchez knock fresh fruit apples, pears, citrus fruits, wine hail, watermelon, dried fruit raisins, apricots fruit, berry and vegetable juices, fruit drinks cereals and pasta tea, broth hips honey, jam Sample menu for one day during the acute phase pneumatic mony: 1st Breakfast semolina milk 150200 g, milk 1 cup.

2nd breakfast fruit jelly from any of recommended fruit 200 ml, decoction of dried and fresh raspberries with 1 teaspoon of honey 1 cup.

Lunch soup barley in meat broth 200 ml, cartofelnoe puree 70 g with a piece of fried fish 100 110 g, oil 5 g, watermelon 250 g.

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Credit branches

Credit branches .



GL Salad of avocado and mango az 4 servings: 200 g cooked chicken, shrimp 200 g g of head ki Thai cabbage, 1 avocado, 1 mango, 1 orange; Refills: 2 cup cream, 10% fat, 2 stacks on orange juice 2 cloves garlic, 4 sprigs of dill.

Preparation Chicken fillet cut into small pieces.

Credit branches boil and clean.

Avocado cut Popo llamas, remove the seeds, remove the flesh, cut Kimi tone plates and drizzle with lemon juice.

Wash mango, cut the flesh around the bones and finely bunk to show.

Orange peel, seed and knock Plait, flesh cut.

Chop dill and garlic, mixed with cream and orange juice.

Shred cabbage, mix with half filling and put in 4 bowls.

Tuck top layers prepared ingredients you.

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