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I In addition, you generally

I In addition, you generally Oncology mainly breast and genital organs bulk, liquid, solid, more lefthanded.

N 1 If you are after all the characteristics of the study 1, teak tend to think that they belong, 1 STI in this group, the note immediately 1 I but so far only consider that the production of relevant You androgens increase food and herbs! I give an acid reaction.

I In addition, you generally need to intensify] Vat right side of the body.

I But it is in front.

Now, even if you are! Confident in its conclusions, I refer [To the diagnosis of excess testosterone or Androgen its either give you confidence in I correct their impressions, 1 or sow doubt necessary.


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However, if you find

However, if you find Thus, excess estrogen gives us weakness, lethargy, dryness and bitterness in the mouth, dizziness, depression, melancholy, mod ku, fear, fright unreasonable eg, sound ka slamming doors, alarm.

These signs should collab schatsya with sweating, coldness in the extremities, sal chemical growth of hair and nails, shortness of breath, insomnia, frequent surge in the liver.

Let me remind you once again to avoid any misunderstanding: I [Not necessarily all of these symptoms should 1 present in your life.

However, if you find more than five coincidence, then, most likely, that your type.

But do not rush! Ahead you will find more [ symptomatic table that will allow You clarify conclusions.

! Symptomatic table to determine the excess estrogen I advise all readers arm with a pencil and paper to write down those symptoms that seem your.

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Broth in the refrigerator

Broth in the refrigerator Pour bonito flakes and add heat to high.

When the broth starts again boil, remove from heat and let stand for 2 minutes with the flakes.

Then Strain the broth through a fine sieve.

Do not click on the flakes, otherwise the broth becomes cloudy and bitter.

Bonito flakes can now be used for the second option dashi.

Broth in the refrigerator no more than 2 days he quickly deteriorates.

The second option dashi Makes 4 cups Put used kombu and bonito flakes from the first broth in a saucepan medium size.

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Then Hoshii

Then Hoshii Hoshii it is rice, which is first boiled, and then dried and taken to the road.

Then Hoshii had hot water and pour please heres a fast food.

Rice an essential component of life and constant companion, it appears on the desktop almost every day from childhood to old age.

Japanese rice grains cooked ritual and festive meals, daily food, make butter, vinegar, sake and rice straw is used to produce the mat, paper, hats, ropes, but before that of her braided sandals and capes.

However, the main function of rice to be the basis of home cooking.

Rice put everyone in separate bowl and serve just like that, without sauces and oils.

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Soba noodles

Soba noodles Since buckwheat noodles little gluten wheat flour this part gives a pleasant taste, most manufacturers add a little starch in the dough.

Some manufacturers events put too much starch in the form of white or wheat potato flour mainly in order to reduce costs, because Buckwheat flour is more expensive than other varieties.

The result is poor noodles quality, which lacks an earthy taste.

If possible look for noodles with a high percentage of buckwheat flour.

Soba noodles without additives almost misses the sale.

It can be found except by Internet and among connoisseurs of such kind of events is considered the best.

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After removing

After removing After removing from heat, sprinkle with herbs, season mixture Tana or sunflower oil.

Buckwheat In the evening soak unground morning in the same water ki pyatit 34 minutes, removing from the heat, season with butter and herbs.

APPLICATIONS Caloric food for 100 g of product in kilocalories Vegetables Eggplant 24 Rutabaga 37 27 zucchini Cabbage 28 Broccoli 23 Cabbage bryussels 24 Cabbage krasnokoch 31 Cauliflower .

29 Potatoes mature 83 Young potatoes 36 Kohlrabi 25 Corn 90 Green onion pen 22 Leeks 40 Onions 43 Carrot red .

33 Cucumbers ground 15 Greenhouse cucumbers .

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