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Science Together with genetic factors and lifestyle they determine the state of health of each individual and all mankind properties in general.

Not surprisingly, with the development of medicine to the general amount of sick people in the world do not seem to reduce Xia.

Changing the structure of diseases.

Science succeeded in defeating the disease kills millions of people in the past many Gia bacterial and viral infections.

But now a man kills himself.

The development of civilization changed lo lifestyle and it is on the disease lifestyle at hoditsya most modern diseases.

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Lunch 200 g potatoes

Lunch 200 g potatoes Sample menu for one day: Breakfast should alternate options offered: 1 slice of bread with spread with margarine, banana, apple, some grapes; 2 softboiled egg or pouch with a slice of bread fromrubyami, cup of yogurt; 3 two slices of bread made from wheat flour, Scheu small banana, 1 teaspoon of honey; 4 two dry scones, a glass of milk or unsweetened orange juice, apple.

Lunch 200 g potatoes boiled in their jackets and eat it with one of the following additives: a small portion of cole slaw; 100 g of cottage cheese; 50 grams of lean chopped ham or smoke particles ; 2 tbsp.

spoons of cooked beans.

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Bread impossible. You can add lowfat

Bread impossible. You can add lowfat In the cottage you can add garlic, chopped herbs, mushroom spawn, sweet peppers; cereal without sugar, honey, candy, rice and corn with skim milk or yogurt; Oatmeal with milk without salt and sugar.

Option Proteinlipid: ham, bacon, cheese and eggs whipped, cooked or boiled nye as fried eggs.

Bread impossible.

You can add lowfat cottage cheese 150 200 g.

With any of the options you can drink coffee dekofeinizicentered, weak tea strong has the same effect as coffee coffee with chicory, skimmed milk.

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Snack cheese, fresh

Snack cheese, fresh 2nd breakfast cheese, broth hips.

Lunch vegetable soup with pasta, baked fish, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with vegetable oil, fruit juice.

Snack cheese, fresh apple, broth hips.

Dinner salad of grated zucchini cooked with lowfat sour cream, meatballs with potatoes, milk tea.

At night yogurt 1 cup.

Number 7 Indications for use: acute and chronic glomrulonefrit without severe renal impairment.

Diet helps to improve urine flow, region gives an antiallergic effect, improves metabolic processes in the tissues of the kidneys.

Duration: until recovery.

Features diet: the exclusion of salt only the amount that is contained in the products themselves s.

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CLEANSING In case of difficulty, and I doubt, as always, I advise you to sit down and think, listen to yourself.

CLEANSING THYROID Hyperfunction This is the second area of purification, and to atstep process, you need to clearly know that your souptovidnaya iron deviates precisely this hyperside.

Part of the funds can be used as a prevention, but it must be remembered that iodine protivopokazan hyperthyroidism so far as it is necessary in hypothyroidism.

Experiment can not be here! Ill give you all the necessary advice on nutrition, NIJ, the following sequence of actions and as always all , learn how to use the forces of Nature to cleanse the organ ism.

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Foundations 1 I For I guarantee, well, otherwise I rely 1 on your faith and the desire to gain I truly human appearance.

I W II purification stage.

CLEANSING connective tissue at the cellular level This book will allow you to clean the base of life from the connective tissue.

While cleaning 13I 8 days.

Foundations tion method monodiet.

Only after this purification cells acquire the ability to speak out loud about their needs and opportunities, and we rediscover the ability ponymat them a clear response to the proposed water and food.

So rested 12 months after I purification stage can proceed to stage II.

Note that the rest does not mean violation of the laws of man solution meal types on the contrary, during this time you have to get used to this diet and active lifestyle Nome.

. . . . . .

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