And that

And that It turns out that the body burns more calories, processing protein than the processing of sugar n fat.

From the moment you put in your mouth kilo oo these calories to enrollment e quiet sugar into our cells for the energy needs of the FIR or storage, you can burn only 25 calories.

And that means tons, from 100 kilocalories of sugar eaten you, you have swallowed about 9 Since fat is even worse: here we use the 12 kcal.

I shomiim that fat effective energy storage ring Tel.

To store fat lot of energy do not need to ne cheg say about pro combustion process.

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This completes

This completes This cleansing we just talked about, and do not need endowed yus, remind you how important energy balance, hormone balance the acidalkaline balance in the body.

Any disease a shift in deviant yin or yangside, then eliminate cornfields this shift, we are destroying the true cause of disease.

This completes the first stage of purification.

Organism is adapted to the reception and distribution of energy information.

Detoxification system works well.

Vido BoE nutrition supports cleanliness and energy balance intra ri us.

But it remains a crude cellular level.

but unconditional and cells becomes easier to breathe after all the purges carried out tion, but they require a separate serious cleansing.

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According Besides reducing ve sa it involves normalization of metabolism.

Heads tion part of the diet fruit and vegetable salads.

According to its qualitative composition of the diet is not enough completely absent complex carbohydrates and proteins.

To use a diet with greater care after consulting your doctor.

Forbidden foods: meat and fish any bread and other flour products cereals and pasta Potatoes and any other sugar sweets Recommended products: fresh vegetables except potatoes fruits and dried fruits Sample menu for one day: Breakfast orange, orange or lemon juice or grapefruit.

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