Cheese, for example, need

Cheese, for example, need Energy value of up to 1500 calories a day.

50% protein, 25% carbohydrate, 25% fat.

Perehrd lowfat and low fat dairy products.

This is a simple way to save calories without altering the taste.

Cheese, for example, need not choose 4050% fat, and 30% strength, milk 0.

5% bonus.

Only lowfat cottage cheese instead of home.

Yogurt Diet, low fat, with sugar substitutes.

No biscuits! Because white bread and buns are very easily absorbed by the body glucose directly into the blood, but still gives a great strain on the pancreas and very shortterm feeling of satiety.

Therefore it is better to move on rye polnozerny bread with high fiber content.

He is well saturates contains many B vitamins necessary for good muscle and peripheral nervous system.


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