In theological

In theological Did you know that the Bible contains specific recommendations for the preparation of corn bread For example, in the Book of Ezekiel Ezekiel 4:1 Two and a half millennia ago Ezekiel wrote a recipe that at the beginning of the XXI century after Christ is not less important than once in ancient prophetic times.

In theological circles there is no unanimity on the prescribed Ezekiel God immobility.

For what sins had to suffer this man Maybe Gods penalty tied to the past, when Israel and Judah showed disobedience against God Yahweh Or a painful condition of Ezekiel a kind of symbol 430 days of future suffering of its people Is Ezekiel had their own experience to feel what happens to him in the Babylonian captivity of families And so he spent 390 days on the left, followed by 40 days on the right side There is still no agreement on how to interpret this number 430 symbolically or prophetically.


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